In its current five-year economic programme, Algeria plans to invest $30bn by 2014 to develop its transport infrastructure, including its rail network. This is part of the total budget of $286bn for the 2010-2014 spending period.

As part of the plans to strengthen transport infrastructure by modernising what exists and adding new lines, the country’s second largest city, Oran, which is on the northwest coast, is to have a new metro. In this regard, Enterprise Metro d’Alger (EMA) invited engineering consultants to submit bids by 9 January 2011 for the consultancy contract to design its first line.

The Oran tramway, currently under construction, will be 18.7 kilometers long and have 32 stations when it is complete. Construction work began in December 2008 and it is being built by a consortium comprising France’s Alstom and Spain’s Isolux Corsan group. Alstom is also supplying 30 Citadis trams, signalling and the telecommunication system for the line. Isolux is to supply the civil engineering, track laying and overhead lines. Other rail plans include the extension of the network to the southern towns of Adrar, Menaa, Timimoun, Hassi Messaoud and El-Oued. The electrification of the entire network is expected to be completed before the end of 2015.

In addition, Algeria is also seeking to expand its motorway and dual carriageway network to 7,000km. It is estimated that this will lead to the creation of 750,000 jobs, 5,000 companies and as many as 600 consultancy firms. Local contractors are to carry out many of the big road projects – including new routes around Algiers, a 1,300km motorway across the inland high plateau and the conversion of several major north-south roads into dual carriageways.


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